I'm Robert Reimann, a designer, writer, and artist who has been working in digital media for over 35 years. Currently I'm quite enthralled with the artistic possibilities of generative AI as a tool for expanding our imagination and for co-creating fine digital art (aka synthography) through an iterative process of both artistic direction and combinatorial cross-pollination of visual attributes.
In my artwork I aim to manifest my concerns, observations, and fears regarding current social, political, and technological issues in unique visual expressions that are in earnest or (sometimes darkly) satirical. I'm also very interested in exploring both new and traditional media approaches to form, color, pattern, light, and texture in both representative and abstract imagery.
Since I share concerns regarding AI models being fed copyright-protected works of creators without consent or compensation, I am careful not to directly reference any living artists in my work, and make use of my own photography and sketches as input to my AI-assisted collaborations with Midjourney.
The work shown here is the result of dozens of iterations, variations, image blends, prompt remixes, and fine tuning using upscaling, inpainting, outpainting, and color and image correction techniques, often taking days, weeks, or even months to fully perfect. It is a combination of happy accident and puzzling out the most effective approaches of guiding the AI to a unique and powerful final set of imagery that I hope you are now enjoying on this site!
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